How to Deal with a Roof Leak Until Help Arrives

Only when it starts to rain you discover there are leaks in your roof that you never discovered. When it starts to rain and the leaks appear, it is too late for repairs.

roof leaks

It is best to get on the phone with a contractor right away to get the issue resolved. However, what can you do in the mean time to prevent further interior damage?

Minimize Damage Inside of the House

Leaks usually pool at the ceiling until it can escape, most likely through a light fixture or heat register. The leak will then make itself look more worse than it is, by going through various escape routes.

To reduce damage to the ceiling, look for the wettest spot or bulge and poke a hole in the middle, draining the water under a bucket.

Point of Entry Location

The attic is a good place to start. Take into consideration the leak on the ceiling may not align with the leak on the roof. Roof coverings that are over a layer of plywood run the risk of water traveling from the leak in the roofing material to the nearest joint in the plywood.

Maintain Situation Until Help Arrives

Once you’ve found the cause, you can temporarily repair the situation with roofing cement, roofing tape or tarp. Roofing cement or tape are applied inside the roof decking, inside the attic and outside the roof.

If you want, scale your roof to get a tarp, as tarping is an easy option to control the leaks until a roofing contractor arrives. Make sure the tarp covers an adequate amount of the damaged area.

Leaving an extra four feet of tarp on each other to cover the roof damage is also effective. The tarp should be secured with 2 x 4 boards. The tarp can be stapled to the boards or nailed, but do not use nails so long that they can penetrate your roof.

Until a professional can look at your roof, these steps can help until you get the issue resolved. Look into reputable companies when hiring a contractor, someone who stands by their work. Your roof should lasts you a long time, so look into companies who are reputable and local.